Loxodon offers tailor made, back office services for insurance companies in Europe. Our activities vary from optimising business processes and improving information processesm, to entirely taking over the back office activities. We help in achieving a better balance between risks and profits with our expert senior and junior employees in the actuarial, financial, and IT fields.

We specifically focus on the reinsurance industry and pension funds. This focus enables us to follow all developments in the market closely. We know the market in which our customers operate like no other and can therefore serve them better. Another advantage is that Loxodon knows the products and processes of insurance companies as well as beingan expert in the field of back office services and/or information technology. It’s is a win-win situation.

Quality assured

Loxodon is a flat organisation. We like to work with project responsibility, we have no uncertainties about the cost and delivery date and we set to work with a balanced team of actuarial, financial, and IT-experts. We have the option of deploying technical experts that match the tooling of your company and we think and work along with you. From the initial concept to the building and implementing of the systems, we deliver as agreed and we guarantee quality. We are vigorous and we offer long term solutions.

We cooperate with several different partners in order to optimise our services package and in this way we meet our client’s wishes as closely as possible.