Loxodon offers a range of specialised back office services for reinsurance companies and pension funds. We conduct projects across Europe and our assignments vary from strategic advice work to building specific applications.

A summary of clients that we have supported and the activities we have carried out for them:

VGZ, a leading health care insurance company in the Netherlands. Loxodon has supported VGZ by optimising their financial information supply, so that it now adheres to the requirements of Solvency II.

Fortis, former Belgian-Dutch bank and insurance company. We have conducted work for several labels. For ASR the Netherlands we have conducted the harmonisation of the risk tooling – conforming to legislation and regulations –. We have also ensured that the products conformed to the Market Consistent Embedded Value (MCEV). In addition to that, we helped support the process of joining the various parts during the integration of Fortis. We also supported AG Insurance Belgium during the integration of Fortis.

MN Services, MN can fully administer all of your pension schemes, allowing you to benefit from having everything under one roof. Loxodon has advised MN Services on strategy, with regard to closed book-portfolios and on the guidance of the package selection process.