To best meet the needs of our clients’ requirements and to be able to offer the most complete range of services, we cooperate with various business partners.

Our partnerships include:

Tower & Watson. This is a worldwide operating professional consultancy company, that helps organisations improving their business results with the help of effective staff, financial, and risk advice. Loxodon mainly works with Tower & Watson in the field of risk tooling – to compy with legislation and regulations.

Anderis. This organization provides capacity and expertise for all possible test activities. This includes the most complex and specialized test activities you can imagine. Loxodon colaborates with Anderis on capacity isseus of (re) insurers and pension funds.

Perry liebregts (Directeur Anderis) “... a partner with professional financial knowledge, experience of the market, and who also takes responsibility for solid results“.

Exaxe. Exaxe. is a specialist solution provider that helps life and pensions companies launch new products faster, administer post retirement products more efficiently and respond with greater flexibility to the marketplace. Loxodon developed a calculation engine for Dutch pension products for use on the Exaxe pension BPO platform.

Norman Carroll (Chief Executive Officer)“ … good to have a partner with great knowledge of the Dutch pension marktet”.