Loxodon branche

You can have knowledge of all the different markets, but can you be an expert in all these fields? Loxodon thinks not. Therefore we have chosen one market segment, that of the insurance industry in Europe. In this area we know all market developments and our focus on one specific industry allows us to provide our customers with the best possible advice, matching our flawless products to the needs of the user. In this way, we support life insurance companies, pension providers, damage insurance companies, health care insurance companies, and reinsurance companies.

Loxodon’s logical target is the European market as more and more legislation and regulations are being prescribed by the European Union, such as Solvency II. Moreover, in several member states the insurance market is saturated, while in other European countries there is still growth potential. In addition to that, internationalisation enables local insurance companies to spread risks. For insurance companies with a mature local market with premium volumes under pressure, this offers an interesting perspective. In order to grow, insurance companies increasingly look across the borders of their own countries and European countries are easier to enter than countries like China and India, and still have plenty of potential.

Loxodon can be of assistance across Europe where our services vary from strategic advice to the building of specific applications.