Loxodon schade-en-inkomensverzekeraars

Damage and income insurance companies are reconsidering their role. Traditionally they are the risk bearer, administrator, and distributor. But can they still deliver in all these three fields, or are they forced to choose between them? Loxodon can advise and support you when taking these strategic decisions. We know what technical possibilities the market offers you and we can develop tailor made solutions for you. We also have ample experience with high volume database systems.

Technological developments have changed the traditional business model. On the internet the client can find all information he needs, he can enter an insurance policy right away, and easily compare different insurance products. Through mobile technologies, the client can contact you 24 hrs a day and can manage his own data, which leads to lower costs from your side. Through CRM-systems you can offer the client specific solutions. Moreover, technological innovations ensure that you can work more efficiently. For example: implementing the automatic acceptance of risks.

New technologies enable us to innovate products and those who don’t innovate, will be overtaken by the competition. But what will you innovate and how? Loxodon will gladly help you to answer these types of questions. In cooperation with you, we ensure that your company not only meets today’s requirements but will become future proof.