Loxodon zorgverzekeraars

The role of health care insurance companies has changed significantly since 2005. In that year, the Dutch government decided that market forces should play a bigger role in health care. Since then, legislative amendments have been the order of the day. Loxodon can help health care insurance companies to adapt by anticipating the most recent legal requirements.

However, increasing health care costs have caused a stir. The causes of the cost increase are the ageing population and new medical technologies that lead to people getting older. There is a lot of discussion on the way the costs have to be reduced.

For health care insurance companies a part of the solution is in optimising and simplifying the administration. Loxodon can be of service in this respect with our health care claim services. By adapting, aligning, or renewing your systems, we ensure that your information is clear and that irregularities or fraud can be detected rapidly. Additional advantages are that fewer manual operations are needed and that your customers have clarity regarding their declarations faster.

Loxodon has experience with large complex applications and we know the demands in the market. We will gladly help you to reduce costs.