Loxodon levensverzekeraars

Combined, European life insurance companies generate forty percent of the worldwide premium income. The European life insurance market is by far the largest in the world and the market is still growing, mainly thanks to accession of ten new EU member states. These countries offer plenty of marketing opportunities for providers of life insurances, a product that until recently hardly existed in the new member states. Loxodon is active for companies with many years of international experience as well as for companies that are just entering the European market, to both we gladly offer our assistance and expertise.

The European Union is working on uniform legislation and regulations for all member states in the field of pensions and life insurances. However, because regulations and laws are far apart, such a uniform policy will not come into force on short notice. Moreover, each country has its specific set of demographic challenges. Such as an ageing population, or a relatively young population, the development of the labour market, and the type of work available. This all makes unambiguous legislation and regulations all the more difficult. Nevertheless, European legislative amendments lead to amendments of the national legislation and in time the legislation of the several different member states will more and more converge.

Loxodon is an expert in the European life insurance industry and gladly supports its clients with strategic, tactical, and operational issues. In addition to that, we have the capacity to implement solutions. Let us know your ambitions and we will help you realise them.