Loxodon pensioenuitvoerders

In the field of pensions there are plenty of market developments, both on a national as well as on a European level. Being an expert on the national and international market, Loxodon knows the developments like no other. We offer you strategic advice that we will gladly implement for you.

The European pension market offers opportunities to pension providers. The total volume of the market is unclear because not all all member states record their respective statistical information, but it is clearly a growth market with the life expectancy within the Union increasing over the coming years, as well as the total amount of people working.

As for life insurance companies, and also for pension providers, there is more and more regulation from Brussels. The European Union strives to create uniform legislation and regulations in all member states with measures on a national level being adapted accordingly. The experts of Loxodon have experience with European legislation and regulations and are able to keep you informed about them.

Loxodon knows the pension market both locally and abroad. On a strategic, tactical, and operational level we solve your issues for you.