Loxodon producten-en-diensten

With its products and services, Loxodon solely aims for the reinsurance companies and pension funds market in Europe as this is where our expertise and our strength lies. It is a complex market and we are convinced that this market focus is essential to optimally facilitate our clients. In addition to that, we specifically chose a geographic focus on Europe as the European market offers insurance companies advantages such as growth potential and the spreading of risks. Besides that, we see that in the coming years the legislation is diverging from a national to a European level.

Our range is diverse. We like to assist our clients with advice and consultancy. In addition to that, we can be of help with the implementation of legislation and regulations,such as Solvency II and IFRS4. We advise life insurance companies and pension funds and we support in the migration and optimalisation of complex life insurance and pension portfolios. We offer health care insurance companies more control on health care claims and we assist damage insurance companies with the optimalisation of damage claim handling. We also conduct secondment and recruitment for project and programme managers, actuaries, financial experts, information analysts, and business experts.

Loxodon means quality. That’s why our junior experts are required to complete the two year Loxodon MasterClass, an education of university level.

We guarantee a flexible and vigorous approach for all our services. We are not afraid to take responsibility for accepting projects or programmes on a fixed price-basis.

This is only a summary of the products and services that we offer. Tailor made work is our core business. If you have any specific queries, please feel free to contact us.