Loxodon schadeafhandeling

Whether it is a collision, a fire, or a broken window: an insurance holder of a damage insurance will be helped quickly and efficiently by policies you, as an insurance company, would be happy to meet. But you will also want to have grip on the premium to be paid, the total damage development, the risks, and the profitability of a given portfolio. Loxodon can help with achieving all this.

By optimising your business processes with better tools and techniques, Loxodon will help you to process claims faster and prevent fraud. Due to the high degree to which Loxodon automates your business processes, your data quality will improve, causing operational costs to decrease.

Moreover, Loxodon has ample experience with predictive analytics for damage claims. By using these analyses, you will gain insight into the future claim behaviour of your insurance policy holders. This knowledge helps you to manage your organisation better and be a step ahead of the competition. We can also deploy technical experts that suit the tooling of your company.

Are you interested in the possibilities that we offer in the field of damage claim handling? Please contact us. We will be happy to start discussion on the services we can provide.