Loxodon fraudebestrijding-zorgdeclaraties

To perfect declaration processes, Loxodon helps health care insurance companies to handle claims quicker. For you this means less manual operations, for your client it means faster clarity. Furthermore, thanks to insightful information, you can trace unjust and fraudulent claims faster. In addition to that, Loxodon also helps you to adapt your organisation to new legislation and regulations.

Loxodon gives you the option to consult the most essential information from policy and claims administration at a glance, including Oracle Health Insurance Back Office (OHI). In addition to that, Loxodon ensures that overcharging claim behaviour analysis can be conducted from one central point. In this way, you can analyse data in a very flexible way where you will immediately have an overview of all information on insurance policy products, claims, health care plans, contact moments, financial data, relationships between health care providers, and advance payments.

These analyses provide insight into deviating data. In this way, you have a quick overview when a declaration is done incorrectly, a Diagnosis Treatment Combination (DTC) has not been conducted entirely or correctly, or whether a certain specialist shows conspicuous behaviour.

Loxodon also has extensive experience in predictive analytics for health care claims. This form of business intelligence (BI) technology seeks connections and patterns in structured and/or unstructured data sets in order to gain more insight into future behaviour declaration. This insight gives you more control over risks. You can also better determine the pricing of policy contracts, which gives you an advantage over the competition.

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