Loxodon informatiemanagement

Does your organisation comply to the requirements of the legislation, such as Solvency II, IFRS/GAAP, MCEV, and to the requirements of De Nederlandsche Bank? Like no other, Loxodon is able to support you in this. Our team of financial, actuarial, and technical experts has many years of experience in implementing legislation and regulations and knows the market. With a unique concept, Loxodon can make your company future proof.

Within your organisation far-reaching regulation can have a big impact at various levels. For example when it comes to policy, organisation, risk calculation, risk monitoring, and information supply. Loxodon can be of service at all these levels with our unique concept. We achieve further integration between financial and actuarial processes. We optimise information for auditable, tracible, and reporting processes. As well as all this, we bring the information supply to such a level that you can adequately steer risks.

Do you want to implement models to determine economic capital and the required solvency? Or would you like to optimise your reinsurance programme so that you can achieve significant performance improvements? Would you like to develop internal models to determine your internal capital and efficiency requirements? Are you looking for support in procurement and design of modelling software? Loxodon has extensive experience in all these fields.

Would you like to optimise your information supply for quick access into the financial position of the company and the risks, enabling you to to swiftly respond to changes in the market? Then Loxodon can be of service. We have experience in creating complex data warehouse projects and the establishment of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) tooling at operational, tactical, and strategic levels.

Please contact us to make your company future proof within just a short period of time.