Loxodon closed-book

Are you looking for ways to optimise your complex life insurance or pension administration? Loxodon has ample experience in this field, over the years we have created a ‘launderette’ designed to improve the data quality of your portfolios. The data is cleaned whilst maintaining the audit trail. Furthermore, Loxodon also specialises in migrating this often complex administration to new environments.

Loxodon has developed tooling that improves the data quality of the portfolio. We compare the existing records with external administrations, for example with the municipal basic administration (Gemeentelijke Basis Administratie; GBA), the cadastre and the Chamber of Commerce. We have also developed a mechanism by which financial corrections with regard to a policyholder can be implemented whilst remaining auditable and tracible.

With our experts, we approach an assignment from both a technical and financial perspective. This distinguishes us from our competitors. Moreover, we also have extensive knowledge of the legislative changes that have been made in this industry in recent years.

Besides improving the data quality, Loxodon also has ample experience with the migration of complex life insurance and/or pension portfolios. There are many reasons to migrate these portfolios. For example, to reduce administrative costs, or to improve the time to market of new products. Whether you would like to separate the portfolios from the active portfolios, or make them more marketable (closed book/run off portfolios), Loxodon can support you in all these processes. Over time, our multidisciplinary teams have developed their own methodology. In this way, Loxodon can act as a 100% independent party. We can also advise you on the structure of the organisation around the migrated records.

Please contact us, should you interested in cleaning or migrating your complex life insurance or pension administration.