SAP for insurance

SAP for Insurance suite

More than a thousand insurance companies use one or more modules of SAP for Insurance suite. And this number is still growing. Logical, because this solution provides real-time customer and business insight, shortens the time to market for new or customized products and risks are proactively managed.

Loxodon has senior experts with knowledge of all SAP for Insurance suite modules (FS-PM, FS-CM, FS-ICM and FS-RI). In addition, we have all kinds of experts with specific knowledge regarding implementing new innovative insurance products. From workflow design and actuarial skills to product engines such as MSG.PM and FS-PRO | FS-QUO.

For migration of existing portfolios (open and closed book) and for development of new insurance products, insurers can rely on the expertise of Loxodon. We are flexible and have the capability to support our customers worldwide.

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