Loxodon hr-dienstverlener

Loxodon acts as an intermediary between insurance companies and professionals in the field of insurance and pension funds. Are you looking for a professional to support your organisation temporarily or for a longer period of time? Loxodon will provide the right person in the right position. We do secondments, but if required, we also do recruitment. We have a database full of financial, actuarial, and technical experts. In addition to that, we can draw from an extensive network and on our vacancy website we offer you the option to place your vacancies.

Our actuarial, financial, and IT experts have many years of experience in the insurance industry and are among the best in their field and are able to lead complex, multidisciplinary projects. We also have WFT-certified administrative staff in our database with proven knowledge on insurance companies and pension funds.

We can also train highly educated, ambitious school leavers for you through our Loxodon MasterClass. They will be trained on the job according to your wishes and requirements and coached by our own senior experts within your own organisation. In addition to this, these high potentials will complete a hefty university education process in their own time. After an intensive 24 months process of practice and theory, you will get the opportunity to offer these high potentials an employment contract. In this way, the knowledge your organisation needs, is assured.

Because Loxodon is able to make balanced project teams of senior and junior experts, we are able to charge sharp secondment rates.

Please contact us for staffing solutions. We will gladly deploy our expertise for you.