Loxodon werken bij

Whoever starts working for Loxodon, will have to deal with the specific Loxodon culture. We are a flat organisation and we don’t believe in traditional managers. We work in balanced teams on challenging projects and within the team everyone has his own specialism and responsibility, where your own ideas and creativity are both appreciated and expected. We continuously work on broadening knowledge by means of education. We support each other through knowledge transfer and coaching and it is in this way that we achieve the best results.

Loxodon is both ambitious and vigorous. We promise our clients quality and we live up to it. In order to achieve this, we set high standards for our employees. We demand a flexible attitude and a high work rate. Loxodon demands a lot of its staff but is also willing to give something in return. Please read more at internal vacancies. Please respond to one of our vacancies, or send in an open application. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

In our project teams, senior experts also work on a freelance basis. This ensures that we are always able to offer the required knowledge to our clients and that our internal employees continuously get the opportunity to work with the best experts in the market. Besides substantive knowledge, we expect that freelancers are able to transfer their skills well and can coach and challenge employees. Look on freelance assignments for more information. Should there be no present vacancies to your liking on the website, we kindly ask that you to nevertheless leave your CV. In this way, we will be able to contact you should there be new assignments. 

We believe in network structures and we gladly cooperate with companies that have a similar attitude. By combining knowledge and skills, we increase our strength and we supply the best service.

For alumni we organise network events. This network of people who have worked for Loxodon in the past, is one of the pleasant advantages of working for Loxodon.