Loxodon samenwerkingsverbanden

Loxodon believes in network structures and seeks cooperative connections with small and medium-sized enterprises with a similar attitude. Our starting point is that you perform better together than as an individual person or as an individual enterprise and that you work in a form that best suits both your company as well as Loxodon.

We seek cooperative connections with companies that are also specialised in back office services for insurance companies. Loxodon is prepared to invest and to participate in businesses and in return we are prepared to let parties participate in Loxodon.

Loxodon knows from experience that the success rate of close partnerships is largely linked to the skills of the people and the organisations that participate in a cooperation. Loxodon therefore has every respect for the other party.

Do you own a small or medium-sized enterprise and are you looking for cooperation to increase your strength and service to your clients? We would gladly hear from you. Are you an expert with a brillant idea that fits with Loxodon’s concept and are you still looking for a spring board (financial or organisational)? Please let us know. We look forward to having a conversation with you, with no obligations.